Week 16; 16 - 19 June 17

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Day Date Venue Time Div. Team 1 V Team 2 Umpire 1 Umpire 2
Fri 16-Jun-17 Turf_1 6:00 PM D3M Pottsville v War_Jags D McIntosh H Gray
Fri 16-Jun-17 Turf_1 7:25 PM U17B War_Tomcats v Burleigh 17B Vikings x2  
Fri 16-Jun-17 Turf_1 8:40 PM U17B Kin_Vikings v Roosters 17B Tomcats x2
Fri 16-Jun-17 GC_ET 6:55 PM U17B Labrador v Casuarina   
Sat 17-Jun-17 Turf_1 9:00 AM U11G Cas_Aqua v Kin_Pippies A McCabe A Hetherick
Sat 17-Jun-17 Turf_1 10:00 AM U11G Mur_Yellow v Pottsville K Wallace H Mason
Sat 17-Jun-17 Turf_1 11:00 AM U13G Kin_Queenfish v Cas_Aqua K Booth B Parsons
Sat 17-Jun-17     U13B War_Panthers v Burleigh Game unable Defered
Sat 17-Jun-17 Turf_2 9:00 AM U11G Mur_Blue v Cas_Black L Fitzpatrick K McCabe
Sat 17-Jun-17 Turf_2 10:00 AM U13G Cas_Black v Kin_Mermaids H Whitney Ayla East
Sat 17-Jun-17 Turf_2 11:00 AM U13G War_Sparrows v Murwillumbah T Allen C Seaton
Sat 17-Jun-17 Burringbar 10:00 AM U7s Murwillumbah v Cas_Koalas           
Sat 17-Jun-17 Burringbar 10:00 AM U7s Kin_Angelfish v War_Magpies
Sat 17-Jun-17 Burringbar 10:00 AM U9s Cas_Kookaburras v Pottsville
Sat 17-Jun-17 Burringbar 10:45 AM U9s Mur_Vipers v Kin_Swordfish
Sat 17-Jun-17 Burringbar 10:45 AM U9s Kin_Seahorses v Cas_Kangaroos
Sat 17-Jun-17 Burringbar 11:30 AM U11G Cas_U11Boys v War_Robins 11G Robins x2 
Sat 17-Jun-17 GC_WT 9:00 AM U13B Mudgeeraba v Casuarina     
Sat 17-Jun-17 GC_WT 1:00 PM U13B Roosters v Labrador
Sat 17-Jun-17 Turf_1 12:45 PM D2W War_Wrens v Casuarina S East J Hall
Sat 17-Jun-17 Turf_1 2:10 PM D1WGC War_Falcons v Mudgeeraba D Iwanuscha Z Payne
Sat 17-Jun-17 Turf_1 3:35 PM D1MGC Mur_Vipers v Roosters Z Payne P Reid
Sat 17-Jun-17 Turf_1 5:00 PM D1WGC Mul_Suns v Labrador P Reid K Iwanuscha
Sat 17-Jun-17 Turf_1 6:25 PM D3W Mur_Blue v Mul_Suns 1W Mul Suns x2 
Sat 17-Jun-17 Turf_2 12:45 PM D2W Pottsville v Murwillumbah War_Hawks Pottsville
Sat 17-Jun-17 Turf_2 2:10 PM D3W War_Hawks v Pottsville K Aistrope 2W Mur/bah
Sat 17-Jun-17 Turf_2 3:35 PM D1WGC Mur_Vipers v Capri 1W Falcons D Iwanuscha
Sat 17-Jun-17 Burringbar 12:45 PM D3W War_Doves v Mur_Yellow L Irby 3M Casa
Sat 17-Jun-17 Burringbar 2:10 PM D3M War_Jags v Casuarina H Gray D McIntosh
Sat 17-Jun-17 Burringbar 3:35 PM D1MGC Kin_Stingers v War_Bobcats L Irby 3M Jags
Sat 17-Jun-17 Kingscliff 12:45 PM D3M Kin_Gropers v Mullumbimby R Salmon 2W Mullum
Sat 17-Jun-17 Kingscliff 2:10 PM D2W Kin_Sharks v Mul_Suns R Barnes 3W Piranahs
Sat 17-Jun-17 Kingscliff 3:35 PM D3W Kin_Piranhas v Casuarina R Salmon 2W Sharks
Sat 17-Jun-17               U13G War_U11Boys v Bye                                    
Sat 17-Jun-17 D3W Kin_Sinkers v Bye
Sat 17-Jun-17 D3M Pottsville v Bye
Sun 18-Jun-17 GC_ET 1:00 PM D1MGC Carpi v Labrador
Sun 18-Jun-17 GC_WT 11:30 AM D1WGC Roosters v Casuarina
Sun 18-Jun-17 GC_WT 1:00 PM D1MGC Burleigh v Cas_Sharks
Sun 18-Jun-17 GC_WT 2:30 PM D1WGC Burleigh v Kin_Sirens
Sun 18-Jun-17    D1MGC Mudgeeraba v Bye
Mon 19-Jun-17 Turf_1 5:00 PM U16G Cas_Aqua v Murwillumbah B Harvey 16G Cas Black
Mon 19-Jun-17 Turf_1 6:15 PM U16G Cas_Black v Kin_Dolphins 15B Casa 16G Mur Bah
Mon 19-Jun-17    U16G Waratahs v Bye     
Draw last updated at 15/06/2017 2:34:51 PM
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Score sheets  -  All score sheets MUST be handed in within seven (7) days of the game played.  If teams play away from Murwillumbah, score sheets may be scanned or photographed on your phone and emailed to tweedhoc@norex.com.au - the original copy can then be submitted next time the team is in Murwillumbah.  All score sheets must be completely filled in, with all details of both teams, date, score and venue.  Please also remember to include the player of the match for the awards tally at the end of the season.