Week 26; 25 - 28 August 17

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  • Gold Coast U13 Boys time change 
  • Junior Preliminary Finals, U16G play Friday Night
  • Senior Semi Finals  
  • Good luck to all team.
  • With the Semi - Finals the rules on draws
    (f) Draws in Semi Finals in Junior and Senior Grades – If the game is drawn at the end of regular time the team placed highest on the points table will progress. There will be no extra time or shoot-outs.
    (g) Draws in Finals and Grand Finals in Junior and Senior grades – At the end of regular time if the game is drawn there will be a two minute drinks break and a one-on-one shoot out will occur.
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Day Date Venue Time Div. Team 1 V Team 2 Umpire 1 Umpire 2
Fri 25-Aug-17 Turf_1 6:00 PM U16G Kin_Dolphins v Cas_Black D McIntosh H Gray
Fri 25-Aug-17 Turf_1 7:25 PM U17B 1st Kin_Vikings v 2nd Casuarina M Campbell J Hall
Fri 25-Aug-17 GC_ET 8:15 PM U17B 3rd Burleigh v 4th Labrador   
Smile Street Junior Hockey League
Sat 26-Aug-17 Turf_1 8:00 AM U7s War_Magpies v Kin_Angelfish           
Sat 26-Aug-17 Turf_1 8:00 AM U7s Cas_Koalas v Murwillumbah
Sat 26-Aug-17 Turf_1 8:00 AM U9s Mur_Vipers v Kin_Seahorses
Sat 26-Aug-17 Turf_1 8:45 AM U9s Pottsville v Cas_Kangaroos
Sat 26-Aug-17 Turf_1 8:45 AM U9s Cas_Kookaburras v Kin_Swordfish
Sat 26-Aug-17 Turf_1 11:15 AM U13G War_Sparrows v Cas_Black B Harvey J Morrissey
Sat 26-Aug-17 Turf_2 11:15 AM U11G Pottsville v Mur_Yellow K Wells K McCabe
Sat 26-Aug-17 GC_WT 9:00 AM U13B 3rd Casuarina v 4th Mudgeeraba     
Sat 26-Aug-17 GC_WT 10:15 AM U13B 1st Burleigh v 2nd War_Panthers
Sat 26-Aug-17 Turf_1 12:45 PM D1M 3rd Kin_Stingers v 4th Mur_Vipers S Read Mich Paron
Sat 26-Aug-17 Turf_1 2:10 PM D1W 3rd Mur_Vipers v 4th Kin_Sirens H Gray Mich Paron
Sat 26-Aug-17 Turf_1 3:35 PM D1M 1st War_Bobcats v 2nd Casuarina D McIntosh P Reid
Sat 26-Aug-17 Turf_1 5:00 PM D1W 1st War_Falcons v 2nd Casuarina E Wells H Gray
Sat 26-Aug-17 Turf_2 12:45 PM D3W 1st Kin_Sinkers v 2nd Mul_Suns K Hull R Barnes
Sat 26-Aug-17 Turf_2 2:10 PM D3M 1st Mullumbimby v 2nd Casuarina D Iwanuscha L Irby
Sat 26-Aug-17 Turf_2 3:35 PM D2W 1st Casuarina v 2nd Mur_Vipers G Edwards D Fay
Sun 27-Aug-17 Turf_1 10:00 AM D2W 3rd Kin_Sharks v 4th Mul_Suns S East D McIntosh
Sun 27-Aug-17 Turf_1 11:25 AM D3M 3rd War_Jags v 4th Kin_Gropers G Edwards J Hall
Sun 27-Aug-17 Turf_1 12:50 PM D3W 3rd Mur_Blue v 4th Mur_Yellow S East R Salmon
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