Week 14; 31 May - 3 Jun 19

Games at Pottsville
U13G Cas_Black to play a double header to finish on even rounds
U15B to play double header due to Queen's Birthday Wekend

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Time Div. Team 1 V Team 2 Umpire 1 Umpire 2
Friday 31-May-19 at Gold Coast Grass1
5:40 PM U15B Roosters v Waratahs   
Friday 31-May-19 at Gold Coast West Turf
8:10 PM D1MGC Roosters v Kingscliff   
Friday 31-May-19 on TBHA Turf_1
5:40 PM D3W Mullumbimby v Casuarina Ross Salmon Len Irby
7:00 PM U15B Casuarina v Mudgeeraba Forfeit by Mudgeeraba
Saturday 01-Jun-19 on TBHA Turf_1
8:30 AM U13s Murwillumbah v Cas_Black K McCabe G Ella
9:30 AM U13s Kin_Mermaids v Cas_Black K McCabe G Ella
10:30 AM U11s Casuarina v Waratahs A.East U13 Cas Black
Saturday 01-Jun-19 on TBHA Turf_2
8:30 AM U11s Murwillumbah v Kin_Pippies H.Mason Kin_Mermaids
Saturday 01-Jun-19 at Pottsville
9:00 AM U13s Pottsville v Waratahs B.Parsons Pottsville
Smile Street Junior Hockey League is played at Pottsville
10:00 AM Jnr. All U7 and U9  
Saturday 01-Jun-19 at RBSSC (Runaway Bay Super Sports Centre)
10:20 AM U13B Roosters v Waratahs   
Saturday 01-Jun-19 
  U13s Cas_Mixed v Cas_Aqua Forfeit by U13 Cas Mixed
Saturday 01-Jun-19 on TBHA Turf_1
12:40 PM D1W Murwillumbah v Kingscliff Dean Iwanuscha Harry Gray
2:10 PM D1MGC Casuarina v Burleigh Dean Iwanuscha Harry Gray
3:40 PM D2MFNC Waratahs v Ballina Ross Salmon Len Irby
5:10 PM D1MFNC Waratahs v Ballina Paul Newman Richard Philip
6:40 PM ResM Waratahs v Kingscliff War D2MFNC War D1M
Saturday 01-Jun-19 on TBHA Turf_2
12:40 PM D3W Waratahs v Kin_Piranahs Lorrelle Morrissey Shane Dixon
2:10 PM D2W Murwillumbah v Kingscliff Erica Wells D2W Mullum
3:40 PM D2W War_Hawks v Mullumbimby D2W Murwillumbah Greg Edwards
Saturday 01-Jun-19 at Pottsville
12:40 PM D3W Pottsville v Murwillumbah ResM Mullum War Werns
2:10 PM ResM Pottsville v Mullumbimby A Hull Kim Hull
3:40 PM D2W Pottsville v War_Wrens Kim Aistrope Robert Barnes
Saturday 01-Jun-19 
     U11s Kin_Snappers v Bye         
ResM Casuarina v Bye
D2W Casuarina v Bye
D1W Casuarina v Bye
Monday 03-Jun-19 on TBHA Turf_1
5:30 PM U16G Murwillumbah v Cas_Aqua U16G Cas Black U16G Kin Dolphins
6:45 PM U16G Cas_Black v Kin_Dolphins U15B Waratahs U15B Casuarina
7:20 PM U15B Waratahs v Casuarina S.East J.Morrissey
Monday 03-Jun-19 
  U16G Kin_Stingrays v Bye   
Draw last updated on 30-May-19 at 3:17 PM
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